How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend Back

How To Get Your Ex Back - 2The first thing that you look for once after realizing the fact that you have done a great mistake by breaking up with your ex is the right ways to get your ex back to you. This thought may strike you in a few days or weeks or even after months. Whenever you get this thought, irrespective of the time, you will start feeling bad about it; and, you don’t feel like doing anything until and unless you find a way to get your ex back to your life.

Just like all the aspects of our life, there are some rules that help you get your ex back to you even after a long breakup. You may find many sources that promise to help you get your ex back. However, there are only a few basic rules that effectively help you in this mission.

Text or Email Your Ex

Technology has been proven to help you in many ways in getting back to your ex. You can use mobile and internet technology to fulfill your task. Remember, the first communication after breakup is very crucial. So, you need to take proper care before messaging your ex. Be precise. Don’t write too much. Make sure to let your ex know that you still care for your relationship, and you are willing to patch up. Texting or Emailing is far better than calling your ex because you cannot express well when you have your ex on phone or face-to-face. But in case of messaging, you have enough time in your hand to prepare what you want to say.

Don’t Date Someone

It is a age-old idea that jealousy works after a breakup. Believing on this, many people usually date someone else in order make their ex feel jealous. But chances are very less. Nowadays, people minds have changed, and when you date someone else your ex may feel that you have totally forgotten your past relationship and you are happy with it. But, that is not your intention. So, quit the idea of dating someone.

Stop Playing Games

Have you been playing games to know about your ex? If so, just stop it. If your ex realizes that you are following his or her each step, they may feel it irritating, and can develop more of negative thoughts on you than positive ones. Steps like stalking your ex, calling up their friends to know their whereabouts, acting to meet them accidentally wherever they go, nagging them, and all do not work. Being honest is the best way to have your ex back to your life.

Make Yourself More Desirable To Your Ex

Rather than thinking about doing things that do not work, focus on yourself – your behavior and looks. Try to look good. Come out of the trauma, and try to be lively. Try to look similar to the way you used to look during the initial days of your relationship with your ex. Wear those dresses that your ex used to compliment you for. Call your ex only when you are sure that it is the right time to call him or her, and once you both seem to be comfortable talking, try catching up for dinner. However, don’t be emotional during the first meet itself. Make the first meet just a casual one. Once you both become comfortable like you were before, express your feelings and emotions towards him or her.